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Compare Strings with or without Collation


Relational operators for comparing corresponding strings in two character vectors, with a typical R look-and-feel.


e1 %s<% e2

e1 %s<=% e2

e1 %s>% e2

e1 %s>=% e2

e1 %s==% e2

e1 %s!=% e2

e1 %s===% e2

e1 %s!==% e2

e1 %stri<% e2

e1 %stri<=% e2

e1 %stri>% e2

e1 %stri>=% e2

e1 %stri==% e2

e1 %stri!=% e2

e1 %stri===% e2

e1 %stri!==% e2


e1, e2

character vectors or objects coercible to character vectors


These functions call stri_cmp_le or its friends, using the default collator options. As a consequence, they are vectorized over e1 and e2.

%stri==% tests for canonical equivalence of strings (see stri_cmp_equiv) and is a locale-dependent operation.

%stri===% performs a locale-independent, code point-based comparison.


All the functions return a logical vector indicating the result of a pairwise comparison. As usual, the elements of shorter vectors are recycled if necessary.

See Also

Other locale_sensitive: stri_compare, stri_count_boundaries, stri_duplicated, stri_enc_detect2, stri_extract_all_boundaries, stri_locate_all_boundaries, stri_opts_collator, stri_order, stri_split_boundaries, stri_trans_tolower, stri_unique, stri_wrap, stringi-locale, stringi-search-boundaries, stringi-search-coll


"a" %stri<% "b"
c("a", "b", "c") %stri>=% "b"

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