stri_extract_all {stringi}R Documentation

Extract Occurrences of a Pattern


These functions extract all substrings matching a given pattern.

stri_extract_all_* extracts all the matches. stri_extract_first_* and stri_extract_last_* yield the first or the last matches, respectively.


stri_extract_all(str, ..., regex, fixed, coll, charclass)

stri_extract_first(str, ..., regex, fixed, coll, charclass)

stri_extract_last(str, ..., regex, fixed, coll, charclass)

stri_extract(str, ..., regex, fixed, coll, charclass, mode = c("first",
  "all", "last"))

stri_extract_all_charclass(str, pattern, merge = TRUE,
  simplify = FALSE, omit_no_match = FALSE)

stri_extract_first_charclass(str, pattern)

stri_extract_last_charclass(str, pattern)

stri_extract_all_coll(str, pattern, simplify = FALSE,
  omit_no_match = FALSE, ..., opts_collator = NULL)

stri_extract_first_coll(str, pattern, ..., opts_collator = NULL)

stri_extract_last_coll(str, pattern, ..., opts_collator = NULL)

stri_extract_all_regex(str, pattern, simplify = FALSE,
  omit_no_match = FALSE, ..., opts_regex = NULL)

stri_extract_first_regex(str, pattern, ..., opts_regex = NULL)

stri_extract_last_regex(str, pattern, ..., opts_regex = NULL)

stri_extract_all_fixed(str, pattern, simplify = FALSE,
  omit_no_match = FALSE, ..., opts_fixed = NULL)

stri_extract_first_fixed(str, pattern, ..., opts_fixed = NULL)

stri_extract_last_fixed(str, pattern, ..., opts_fixed = NULL)



character vector; strings to search in


supplementary arguments passed to the underlying functions, including additional settings for opts_collator, opts_regex, and so on


single string; one of: "first" (the default), "all", "last"

pattern, regex, fixed, coll, charclass

character vector; search patterns; for more details refer to stringi-search


single logical value; indicates whether consecutive pattern matches will be merged into one string; stri_extract_all_charclass only


single logical value; if TRUE or NA, then a character matrix is returned; otherwise (the default), a list of character vectors is given, see Value; stri_extract_all_* only


single logical value; if FALSE, then a missing value will indicate that there was no match; stri_extract_all_* only

opts_collator, opts_fixed, opts_regex

a named list to tune up the search engine's settings; see stri_opts_collator, stri_opts_fixed, and stri_opts_regex, respectively; NULL for the defaults


Vectorized over str and pattern.

Check out stri_match for the extraction of matches to individual regex capture groups.

stri_extract, stri_extract_all, stri_extract_first, and stri_extract_last are convenience functions. They just call stri_extract_*_*, depending on the arguments used.


For stri_extract_all*, if simplify=FALSE (the default), then a list of character vectors is returned. Each list element represents the results of a different search scenario. If a pattern is not found and omit_no_match=FALSE, then a character vector of length 1 with single NA value will be generated.

Otherwise, i.e., if simplify is not FALSE, then stri_list2matrix with byrow=TRUE argument is called on the resulting object. In such a case, the function yields a character matrix with an appropriate number of rows (according to the length of str, pattern, etc.). Note that stri_list2matrix's fill argument is set either to an empty string or NA, depending on whether simplify is TRUE or NA, respectively.

stri_extract_first* and stri_extract_last* return a character vector. A NA element indicates a no-match.

See Also

Other search_extract: stri_extract_all_boundaries, stri_match_all, stringi-search


stri_extract_all('XaaaaX', regex=c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}?'))
stri_extract_all('Bartolini', coll='i')
stri_extract_all('stringi is so good!', charclass='\\p{Zs}') # all white-spaces

stri_extract_all_charclass(c('AbcdeFgHijK', 'abc', 'ABC'), '\\p{Ll}')
stri_extract_all_charclass(c('AbcdeFgHijK', 'abc', 'ABC'), '\\p{Ll}', merge=FALSE)
stri_extract_first_charclass('AaBbCc', '\\p{Ll}')
stri_extract_last_charclass('AaBbCc', '\\p{Ll}')

## Not run: 
# emoji support available since ICU 57
stri_extract_all_charclass(stri_enc_fromutf32(32:55200), "\\p{EMOJI}")

## End(Not run)

stri_extract_all_coll(c('AaaaaaaA', 'AAAA'), 'a')
stri_extract_first_coll(c('Yy\u00FD', 'AAA'), 'y', strength=2, locale="sk_SK")
stri_extract_last_coll(c('Yy\u00FD', 'AAA'), 'y',  strength=1, locale="sk_SK")

stri_extract_all_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}?'))
stri_extract_first_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}?'))
stri_extract_last_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}', '\\p{Ll}{2,3}?'))

stri_list2matrix(stri_extract_all_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+')))
stri_extract_all_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+'), simplify=TRUE)
stri_extract_all_regex('XaaaaX', c('\\p{Ll}', '\\p{Ll}+'), simplify=NA)

stri_extract_all_fixed("abaBAba", "Aba", case_insensitive=TRUE)
stri_extract_all_fixed("abaBAba", "Aba", case_insensitive=TRUE, overlap=TRUE)

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