stri_pad_both {stringi}R Documentation

Pad (Center/Left/Right Align) a String


Adds multiple pad characters at the given side(s) of each string so that each output string is of total width of at least width. This function may be used to center or left/right-align each string.


stri_pad_both(str, width = floor(0.9 * getOption("width")), pad = " ",
  use_length = FALSE)

stri_pad_left(str, width = floor(0.9 * getOption("width")), pad = " ",
  use_length = FALSE)

stri_pad_right(str, width = floor(0.9 * getOption("width")), pad = " ",
  use_length = FALSE)

stri_pad(str, width = floor(0.9 * getOption("width")), side = c("left",
  "right", "both"), pad = " ", use_length = FALSE)



character vector


integer vector giving minimal output string lengths


character vector giving padding code points


single logical value; should the number of code points be used instead of the total code point width (see stri_width)?


[stri_pad only] single character string; sides on which padding character is added (left, right, or both)


Vectorized over str, width, and pad. Each string in pad should consist of a code points of total width equal to 1 or, if use_length is TRUE, exactly one code point.

stri_pad is a convenience function, which dispatches control to stri_pad_*. Relying on one of the underlying functions will make your code run slightly faster.

Note that Unicode code points may have various widths when printed on the console and that the function takes that by default into account. By changing the state of the use_length argument, this function starts to act like each code point was of width 1. This feature should rather be used with text in Latin script.

See stri_trim_left (among others) for reverse operation. Also check out stri_wrap for line wrapping.


Returns a character vector.


stri_pad_left("stringi", 10, pad="#")
stri_pad_both("stringi", 8:12, pad="*")
# center on screen:
cat(stri_pad_both(c("the", "string", "processing", "package"),
   getOption("width")*0.9), sep='\n')
cat(stri_pad_both(c("\ud6c8\ubbfc\uc815\uc74c", # takes width into account
   stri_trans_nfkd("\ud6c8\ubbfc\uc815\uc74c"), "abcd"),
   width=10), sep="\n")

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