How to Reach Me


You are always welcome. In case of any problems/interesting ideas or if you just want to have a chat don't hesitate to email me (or contact in some other way) to arrange a meeting.

You can also try to pop by my office (good coffee!), but please note that during my working hours I might be present either at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science WUT (MiNI PW, room 462) or at the Systems Research Institute PAS (IBS PAN, room 313).

My Teaching Schedule

The following schedule is effective from October 2, 2017 until January 27, 2018; see also: USOS.

16-18 MiNI::219 PAD-Py (lecture)
18-20 MiNI::219 PAD-Py (labs)
10-12 MiNI::107 PPPD (lecture)
16-18 MiNI::328 PAD-R (lecture)
18-20 MiNI::219 PAD-R (labs)