How to Reach Me


You are always welcome. In case of any problems/interesting ideas or if you just want to have a chat don't hesitate to email me (or contact in some other way) to arrange a meeting.

You can also pop by my office (good coffee!), but please note that during my working hours I might be present either at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science WUT (MiNI PW, room 462 – more likely) or at the Systems Research Institute PAS (IBS PAN, room 313 – less likely).

My Teaching Schedule

The following schedule is effective from February 19 until June 30, 2018; see also: USOS.

at the office
14-16 MiNI::102 PDU (lecture)
16-18 MiNI::102 PDRPy (lecture)
18-20 MiNI::218 PDRPy (labs)
at the office
at the office
at the office