2014-12-14 software

stringi_0.4-1 Released

Yet another official release of the stringi package for R is on CRAN now. This time we particularly focused on a better compatibility of stringi with stringr.

Notable changes since v0.3-1:

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE] `n_max` argument in `stri_split_*()` has been renamed `n`.

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE] `simplify=FALSE` in `stri_extract_all_*()` and
`stri_split_*()` now calls `stri_list2matrix()` with `fill=""`.
`fill=NA_character_` may be obtained by using `simplify=NA`.

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE, NEW FUNCTIONS] #120: `stri_extract_words` has been
renamed `stri_extract_all_words` and `stri_locate_boundaries` -
`stri_locate_all_boundaries` as well as `stri_locate_words` -
`stri_locate_all_words`. New functions are now available:
`stri_locate_first_boundaries`, `stri_locate_last_boundaries`,
`stri_locate_first_words`, `stri_locate_last_words`,
`stri_extract_first_words`, `stri_extract_last_words`.

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE] #111: `opts_regex`, `opts_collator`, `opts_fixed`, and
`opts_brkiter` can now be supplied individually via `...`.
In other words, you may now simply call e.g.
`stri_detect_regex(str, pattern, case_insensitive=TRUE)` instead of
`stri_detect_regex(str, pattern, opts_regex=stri_opts_regex(case_insensitive=TRUE))`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #110: Fixed pattern search engine's settings can
now be supplied via `opts_fixed` argument in `stri_*_fixed()`,
see `stri_opts_fixed()`. A simple (not suitable for natural language
processing) yet very fast `case_insensitive` pattern matching can be
performed now. `stri_extract_*_fixed` is again available.

* [NEW FEATURE] #23: `stri_extract_all_fixed`, `stri_count`, and
`stri_locate_all_fixed` may now also look for overlapping pattern
matches, see `?stri_opts_fixed`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #129: `stri_match_*_regex` gained a `cg_missing` argument.

* [NEW FEATURE] #117: `stri_extract_all_*()`, `stri_locate_all_*()`,
`stri_match_all_*()` gained a new argument: `omit_no_match`.
Setting it to `TRUE` makes these functions compatible with their
`stringr` equivalents.

* [NEW FEATURE] #118: `stri_wrap()` gained `indent`, `exdent`, `initial`,
and `prefix` arguments. Moreover Knuth's dynamic word wrapping algorithm
now assumes that the cost of printing the last line is zero, see #128.

* [NEW FEATURE] #122: `stri_subset()` gained an `omit_na` argument.

* [NEW FEATURE] `stri_list2matrix()` gained an `n_min` argument.

* [NEW FEATURE] #126: `stri_split()` now is also able to act
just like `stringr::str_split_fixed()`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #119:  `stri_split_boundaries()` now have
`n`, `tokens_only`, and `simplify` arguments. Additionally,
`stri_extract_all_words()` is now equipped with `simplify` arg.

* [NEW FEATURE] #116: `stri_paste()` gained a new argument:
`ignore_null`. Setting it to `TRUE` makes this function more compatible
with `paste()`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #114: `stri_paste()`: `ignore_null` arg has been added.

* [OTHER] #123: `useDynLib` is used to speed up symbol look-up in
the compiled dynamic library.

* [BUGFIX]  #94: Run-time errors on Solaris caused by setting
`-DU_DISABLE_RENAMING=1` -- memory allocation errors in i.a. ICU's
UnicodeString. This setting also caused some ABSan sanity check
failures within ICU code.
2014-11-22 grant

Research Project 2014/13/D/HS4/01700 (NCN)

My research project Construction and analysis of methods of information resources producers' quality management will receive funding from the National Science Centre (NCN), Poland via the SONATA founding scheme (host institution=Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, role=principal investigator, years=2015-2017).
2014-11-06 software

stringi_0.3-1 Released

The third official release of the stringi package for R is on CRAN now.

Notable changes since v0.2-5:

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE] #87: `%>%` overlapped with the pipe operator from
the `magrittr` package; now each operator like `%>%` has been renamed `%s>%`.

* [IMPORTANT CHANGE] #108: Now the BreakIterator (for text boundary analysis)
may be better controlled via `stri_opts_brkiter()` (see options `type`
and `locale` which aim to replace now-removed `boundary` and `locale` parameters
to `stri_locate_boundaries`, `stri_split_boundaries`, `stri_trans_totitle`,
`stri_extract_words`, `stri_locate_words`).

* [NEW FUNCTIONS] #109: `stri_count_boundaries` and `stri_count_words`
count the number of text boundaries in a string.

* [NEW FUNCTIONS] #41: `stri_startswith_*` and `stri_endswith_*`
determine whether a string starts or ends with a given pattern.

* [NEW FEATURE] #102: `stri_replace_all_*` gained a `vectorize_all` parameter,
which defaults to TRUE for backward compatibility.

* [NEW FUNCTION] #91: `stri_subset_*`, a convenient and more efficient
substitute for `str[stri_detect_*(str, ...)]`, added.

* [NEW FEATURE] #100: `stri_split_fixed`, `stri_split_charclass`,
`stri_split_regex`, `stri_split_coll` gained a `tokens_only` parameter,
which defaults to `FALSE` for backward compatibility.

* [NEW FUNCTION] #105: `stri_list2matrix` converts lists of atomic vectors
to character matrices, useful in connection with `stri_split`
and `stri_extract`.

* [NEW FEATURE] #107: `stri_split_*` now allow setting an `omit_empty=NA` argument.

* [NEW FEATURE] #106: `stri_split` and `stri_extract_all` gained a `simplify`
argument (if `TRUE`, then `stri_list2matrix(..., byrow=TRUE)`
is called on the resulting list.

* [NEW FUNCTION] #77: `stri_rand_lipsum` generates
(pseudo)random dummy *lorem ipsum* text.

* [NEW FEATURE] #98: `stri_trans_totitle` gained a `opts_brkiter`
parameter; it indicates which ICU BreakIterator should be used when
performing case mapping.

* [NEW FEATURE] `stri_wrap` gained a new parameter: `normalize`.

* [BUGFIX] #86: `stri_*_fixed`, `stri_*_coll`, and `stri_*_regex` could
give incorrect results if one of search strings were of length 0.

* [BUGFIX] #99: `stri_replace_all` did not use the `replacement` arg.

* [BUGFIX] #94: `R CMD check` should no longer fail if `icudt` download failed.

* [BUGFIX] #112: Some of the objects were not PROTECTed from
being garbage collected, which might have caused spontaneous SEGFAULTS.

* [BUGFIX] Some collator's options were not passed correctly to ICU services.

* [BUGFIX] Memory leaks causes as detected by
`valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full` have been removed.

* [DOCUMENTATION] Significant extensions/clean ups in the stringi manual.

Refer to NEWS for a complete list of changes, new features and bug fixes.


Advanced Data Analysis Software Development with R (e-learning @ ICS PAS)

My Advanced Data Analysis Software Development with R e-learning course has just started. It is run on the educational platform of the Interdisciplinary PhD studies program hosted by the Insitute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. The project is co-financed by the Human Capital Operational Programme, European Social Found. Batch 02 of the course will start in February/March 2014.
2014-10-01 software

FuzzyNumbers_0.3-5 Now Available

A maintenance release of the FuzzyNumbers package for R is now available on CRAN. CHANGELOG:
* added proper import directives in NAMESPACE
* piecewiseLinearApproximation: method="ApproximateNearestEuclidean"
no longer accepted; use "NearestEuclidean" instead.
* package vignette now in the vignettes/ directory.
2014-08-22 new paper

Spread Measures and Their Relation to Aggregation Functions – Accepted Paper

The paper Gagolewski M., Spread measures and their relation to aggregation functions has just been accepted for publication in European Journal of Operational Research.
Abstract: The theory of aggregation most often deals with measures of central tendency. However, sometimes a very different kind of a numeric vector's synthesis into a single number is required. In this paper we introduce a class of mathematical functions which aim to measure spread or scatter of one-dimensional quantitative data. The proposed definition serves as a common, abstract framework for measures of absolute spread known from statistics, exploratory data analysis and data mining, e.g. the sample variance, standard deviation, range, interquartile range (IQR), median absolute deviation (MAD), etc. Additionally, we develop new measures of experts' opinions diversity or consensus in group decision making problems. We investigate some properties of spread measures, show how are they related to aggregation functions, and indicate their new potentially fruitful application areas.
2014-06-17 new paper

IEEE IS'14 Proceedings Paper Accepted

Accepted for publication in Proc. IEEE IS 2014: Gagolewski M., Lasek J., The use of fuzzy relations in the assessment of information resources producers' performance.
2014-05-26 new paper

SMPS'14 Proceedings Paper Accepted

Accepted for publication in Proc. SMPS 2014: Gagolewski M., Sugeno integral-based confidence intervals for the theoretical h-index.