2014-04-02 new paper

Paper on OM3 Operators Accepted in FSS

A paper by A. Cena and me has been accepted for publication in Fuzzy Sets and Systems (doi:10.1016/j.fss.2014.04.001). It is a significantly extended version of our AGOP'2013 contributions entitled ``OM3: Ordered maxitive, minitive, and modular aggregation operators – axiomatic and probabilistic properties in an arity-monotonic setting.''
2014-03-12 software

stringi_0.1-25 Now on CRAN

The initial release of the stringi package for R is now available on CRAN. stringi is THE R package for very fast, correct, consistent and convenient string/text processing in each locale and any native character encoding. The use of the ICU library gives R users a platform-independent set of functions known to Java, Perl, Python, PHP, and Ruby programmers. The package’s API was inspired by Hadley Wickham’s stringr package. See the on-line manual for more information.
2014-03-11 new paper

IPMU 2014: Two Papers Accepted

The following papers have been accepted for publication in Proc. IPMU 2014:
  • Bartoszuk M., Gagolewski M., A fuzzy R code similarity detection algorithm.
  • Coroianu L., Gagolewski M., Grzegorzewski P., Adabitabar Firozja M., Houlari T., Piecewise linear approximation of fuzzy numbers preserving the support and core.
The conference proceedings will be published in Springer-Verlag's Communications in Computer and Information Science series.
2014-03-04 new book

Programowanie w Języku R [Programming in R]

My R Programming Book (In Polish) is now available in bookstores. / Książka Programowanie w języku R jest dostępna w księgarniach. Polecam nie tylko do ,,poduszki''!
Programowanie w języku R - okładka
2014-01-03 software

FuzzyNumbers_0.3-3 Released

A new version of the FuzzyNumbers package for R is now available on CRAN.
** FuzzyNumbers Package CHANGELOG **


0.3-3 /2014-01-03/

* piecewiseLinearApproximation() now supports new method="SupportCorePreserving",
see  Coroianu L., Gagolewski M., Grzegorzewski P., Adabitabar Firozja M.,
Houlari T., Piecewise Linear Approximation of Fuzzy Numbers Preserving
the Support and Core, 2014 (submitted for publication).

* piecewiseLinearApproximation() now does not fail on exceptions thrown
by integrate(); fallback=Newton-Cotes formula.

* Removed `Suggests` dependency: testthat tests now available for developers
via the FuzzyNumbers github repository.

* Package manual has been corrected and extended.

* Package vignette is now only available
online at
2013-12-07 new paper

Accepted Paper on Applications of Monotone Measures and Universal Integrals

The paper Gagolewski M., Mesiar R., Monotone measures and universal integrals in a uniform framework for the scientific impact assessment problem has just been accepted for publication in Information Sciences (doi:10.1016/j.ins.2013.12.004).
Abstract: The Choquet, Sugeno, and Shilkret integrals with respect to monotone measures, as well as their generalization – the universal integral, stand for a useful tool in decision support systems. In this paper we propose a general construction method for aggregation operators that may be used in assessing output of scientists. We show that the most often currently used indices of bibliometric impact, like Hirsch's h, Woeginger's w, Egghe's g, Kosmulski's MAXPROD, and similar constructions, may be obtained by means of our framework. Moreover, the model easily leads to some new, very interesting functions.

AGOP 2015 Website Launched

8th International Summer School on Aggregation Operators - AGOP 2015 website has been launched.

SMPS 2014 Website Launched

7th International Conference "Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics" - SMPS 2014 website has launched.