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Featured: genieclust Package for Python and R

Fast and Robust Hierarchical Clustering with Noise Point Detection
Genie finds meaningful clusters and is fast even on large data sets.
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Featured: stringi Package for R

THE String Processing Package for R
stringi (pronounced “stringy”, IPA [strinɡi]) is THE R package for very fast, portable, correct, consistent, and convenient string/text processing in any locale or character encoding. It is one of the most often downloaded packages on CRAN.
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Other R Packages

stringx: Drop-in Replacements for Base String Functions Powered by stringi RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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realtest: When Expectations Meet Reality: Realistic Unit Testing in R RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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TurtleGraphics: Learn R Programming While Having a Jolly Time RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

(maintained by Barbara Żogała-Siudem)

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agop: Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets in R RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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genie: A New, Fast, and Outlier Resistant Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm (superseded by genieclust) RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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SimilaR: R R Source Code Similarity Evaluation RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

(maintained by Maciej Bartoszuk)


FuzzyNumbers: Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers in R RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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CITAN: CITation ANalysis Toolpack [deprecated] RStudio CRAN mirror downloads


Batteries of Benchmark Data

Datasets For Teaching and Training

See comment lines for a detailed description of each dataset.

How To Access

In R:

airlines <- read.csv("nycflights13_airlines.csv.gz", comment.char="#")
##   carrier                     name
## 1      9E        Endeavor Air Inc.
## 2      AA   American Airlines Inc.
## 3      AS     Alaska Airlines Inc.
## 4      B6          JetBlue Airways
## 5      DL     Delta Air Lines Inc.
## 6      EV ExpressJet Airlines Inc.

In Python:

import pandas as pd
airlines = pd.read_csv("nycflights13_airlines.csv.gz",
    comment="#", compression="gzip")

To print comment lines, call, e.g.:

import gzip
with"nycflights13_airlines.csv.gz", "rt") as f:
    while True:
        x = f.readline().strip()
        if not x.startswith("#"): break

Own Datasets Data Dumps (simplified)

Licensed under CC-by-SA 3.0; see readme.txt for more details.


Hadley Wickham's nycflights13-0.2.1 (licensed under CC0, gzipped) – on-time data for all flights that departed NYC (i.e., JFK, LGA, or EWR) in 2013:

All the logs are available at the webpage of the US Department of Transportation. Arunkumar Srinivasan’s github repository gives some nice R code to access the 2014 data.


Hadley Wickham's babynames-0.2.1 (licensed under CC0, gzipped) – US Baby Names 1880-2014:


Hadley Wickham's fueleconomy-0.1 (licensed under CC0, gzipped) – fuel economy data from the EPA, 1985-2015:


Hadley Wickham's nasaweather-0.1 (licensed under GPL-3, gzipped):

R Built-ins

The following datasets are included in the datasets package for GNU R:

From Other Sources

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Aggregates — Links


  1. My Textbook Lightweight Machine Learning Classics with R (book draft, 2020)
  2. My Textbook on R programming:
    Programowanie w języku R (2nd ed., PWN, Warszawa, 2016)
  3. My Textbook on Python for data processing and analysis:
    Przetwarzanie i analiza danych w języku Python (1st ed., PWN, Warszawa, 2016)
  4. My Textbook on Statistical inference with R:
    Wnioskowanie statystyczne z wykorzystaniem środowiska R (1st ed., PR PW, Warszawa, 2014)
  5. Google Summer of Code 2016 Mentor;
    Project: RE2 Regular Expressions in R;
    Student: Qin Wenfeng
  6. StackOverflow Academic Research Partnership Program – Supervisor of a research task related to quantitative determinants of the popularity of online content (2019)
  7. My StackOverflow profile
  8. My GitHub profile

My Skills

"If you can implement something, this means you understand it."

Nowadays I develop most of my software with:

  • Python 3 and Cython
  • C++11 and C
  • R (preferably with Rcpp)
  • TeX (duh!)

I have some past experience in: PHP, Java, Julia, Mathematica, Maxima, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SAS, Matlab/Scilab, C#, Lisp/Scheme, x86 assembly, Fortran, Visual Basic, VBA, C64 Basic, Pascal, ObjectPascal/Delphi, VHDL, Sinclair (ZX Spectrum) Logo, etc.

Libs: ICU, theano, TensorFlow, boost, OpenMP, MPI, CGAL, Qt, Gtk, sdl, OpenGL, Rcpp, etc.

I've been programming computers since the age of 7. My first computer was the C64. Here's a trace of my 2017 visit in the Berlin Computerspiele Museum:

Playing with a C64 in the the Computerspielemuseum, Belin