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Python Packages

genieclust: The Genie+ Clustering Algorithm

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Featured R Packages

stringi: THE String Processing Package for R Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

(one of the most often downloaded packages on CRAN)

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genie: A New, Fast, and Outlier Resistant Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

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Other R Packages

TurtleGraphics: Learn R Programming While Having a Jolly Time Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

(maintained by Barbara Żogała-Siudem)

More infoCRANGitHubTutorial [CRAN]Online manual

agop: Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets in R Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

CRANGitHubOnline manual

SimilaR: R R Source Code Similarity Evaluation Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

(maintained by Maciej Bartoszuk)


FuzzyNumbers: Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers in R Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads

CRANGitHubTutorial [CRAN]

CITAN: CITation ANalysis Toolpack [deprecated] Travis CI RStudio CRAN mirror downloads


My Skills

"If you can implement something, this means you understand it."

Nowadays I develop most of my software with:

  • Python 3 and Cython
  • C++11 and C
  • R (preferably with Rcpp)
  • TeX (duh!)

I have some past experience in: PHP, Java, Julia, Mathematica, Maxima, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SAS, Matlab/Scilab, C#, Lisp/Scheme, x86 assembly, Fortran, Visual Basic, VBA, C64 Basic, Pascal, ObjectPascal/Delphi, VHDL, Sinclair (ZX Spectrum) Logo, etc.

Libs: ICU, theano, TensorFlow, boost, OpenMP, MPI, CGAL, Qt, Gtk, sdl, OpenGL, Rcpp, etc.

I've been programming computers since the age of 7. My first computer was the C64. Here's a trace of my 2017 visit in the Berlin Computerspiele Museum:

Playing with a C64 in the the Computerspielemuseum, Belin


  1. My Textbook on R programming:
    Programowanie w języku R (2nd ed., PWN, Warszawa, 2016)
  2. My Textbook on Python for data processing and analysis:
    Przetwarzanie i analiza danych w języku Python (1st ed., PWN, Warszawa, 2016)
  3. My Textbook on Statistical inference with R:
    Wnioskowanie statystyczne z wykorzystaniem środowiska R (1st ed., PR PW, Warszawa, 2014)
  4. Google Summer of Code 2016 Mentor;
    Project: RE2 Regular Expressions in R;
    Student: Qin Wenfeng
  5. My StackOverflow profile

    profile for gagolews at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

  6. My GitHub profile