I’ve been programming since the age of 7; my first computer was the C64.

I believe most software should be free.

Shortcuts:genieclust (Python/R) ○ stringi (R/[1]) ○ clustering-benchmarks (Python/language agnostic) ○ stringx (R) ○ realtest (R)

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genieclust (Python+R)


Fast and robust hierarchical clustering with noise point detection: Genie finds meaningful clusters and is fast even on large data sets.

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stringi (R)


stringi (pronounced “stringy”, IPA [strinɡi]) is THE R[1] package for very fast, portable, correct, consistent, and convenient string/text processing in any locale or character encoding. It is one of the most often downloaded packages on CRAN.

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clustering-benchmarks (Python etc.)


A framework for benchmarking clustering algorithms

stringx (R)


Drop-in replacements for base string functions powered by stringi

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realtest (R)


Where expectations meet reality: Realistic unit testing in R

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  • TurtleGraphics (R) (maintained by Barbara Żogała-Siudem)

    Learn R programming while having a jolly time

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub ○ Tutorial

  • agop (R)

    Aggregation operators and preordered sets in R

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub

  • genie (R)

    A new, fast, and outlier resistant hierarchical clustering algorithm (superseded by genieclust)

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub

  • SimilaR (R) (maintained by Maciej Bartoszuk)

    R source code similarity evaluation

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub ○ Paper on the SimilaR package in the R Journal (DOI:10.32614/RJ-2020-017)

  • FuzzyNumbers (R)

    Tools to deal with fuzzy numbers in R

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub ○ Tutorial

  • CITAN (R)

    CITation ANalysis toolpack [deprecated]

    ○ CRAN ○ GitHub