Research Interests#

My current research interests are related to data science (with particular emphasis on modelling complex phenomena, developing usable, general-purpose algorithms, studying analytical properties thereof, and finding out how people (laymen, students, decision-makers, and researchers from different fields) use, misuse, understand, and misunderstand methods of data analysis in research, commercial, political, social, and other settings).

These include:

  • computational and applied statistics,

  • statistical and data analysis software,

  • machine learning and data mining algorithms,

  • complex data aggregation and fusion, prototype learning, clustering,

  • decision making,

  • complex systems and systems research,

  • *metrics (bibliometrics, informetrics, technometrics, psychometrics, …),

  • mathematical modelling in sports, social sciences (economics, psychology, sociology, …), science of science, and meta-research in general.

If you feel that we should write a paper together on something interesting (and fun!), drop me an email.

For more details, see my list of Publications and my CV.

Prospective Research Students#

I am eligible to supervise research students at the PhD level. I was the principal supervisor of 3 PhD and 11 MSc by research students from commencement to successful completion.

Feel welcome to email me if you have (a) interesting research ideas or at least problems that we both might find pleasantly puzzling, (b) essential skills: programming (e.g., Python, R, C/C++), data wrangling, matrix algebra, probability and statistics, and optimisation.

However, please, read a few of my papers first and show me where you want to go from there. I am not responding to emails that look like spam (ones that seem to be sent to many people at the same time).