Open-Access Textbooks#

For many students around the world, educational resources are hardly affordable. Therefore, I have decided that my recent books should remain independent, non-profit, open-access projects. Whilst, for some people, the presence of a “designer tag” from a major publisher might still be a proxy for quality, it is my hope that they will prove useful to those who seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Please spread the word about these projects. Thank you.

My featured books:

For more, see my other textbooks. Also, my CV includes a more complete, boring list of my teaching-related activities.

Current Teaching#

Coming back to my beloved Warsaw University of Technology in April 2024 – stay tuned!


In the past, I developed and taught many subjects related to programming, algorithms, computational statistics, and data analysis at Warsaw University of Technology (for 13 years). I wrote a few textbooks.

I’m particularly proud of the Golden Chalk of the second degree (Silver Chalk? 😆) that I was awarded in 2019. Thanks. 🥰

I was one of the principal initiators/designers of the first data science degree in Poland (both at undergraduate and postgraduate level).

I also taught very intensive and demanding (in a good way) R- and Python-for-data-analysis classes at Data Science Retreat in Berlin (for five years).

In 2019–2024, I was a senior lecturer/researcher at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia). I was responsible for SIT220/SIT731 Data Wrangling and SIT114 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.