genieclust 1.1.0 on PyPI and CRAN#

A new release of the genieclust package is available on PyPI and CRAN.

Changes since v1.0.1:

  • [GENERAL] The cluster validity measures are discussed in more detail at

  • [Python and R] New function: compare_partitions.adjusted_asymmetric_accuracy.

  • [Python and R] Implementations of the so-called internal cluster validity measures discussed in DOI: 10.1016/j.ins.2021.10.004; see our (GitHub-only) CVI package for R. In particular, the generalised Dunn indices are based on the code originally authored by Maciej Bartoszuk. Thanks.

    Functions added (to the cluster_validity module in the Python version): calinski_harabasz_index, dunnowa_index, generalised_dunn_index, negated_ball_hall_index, negated_davies_bouldin_index, negated_wcss_index, silhouette_index, silhouette_w_index, wcnn_index.

  • [BACKWARD INCOMPATIBILITY] compare_partitions.normalized_confusion_matrix now solves the maximal assignment problem instead of applying a primitive partial pivoting.

  • [Python and R] New function: compare_partitions.normalizing_permutation

  • [R] New function: normalized_confusion_matrix.

  • [Python and R] New parameter to compare_partitions.pair_sets_index: simplified.

  • [Python] New parameters to plots.plot_scatter: axis, title, xlabel, ylabel, xlim, ylim.